Life Like Weeds

Confession: I did not know Modest Mouse before they sold out and became popular. There goes my hipster cred. Sigh. Oh well,  I don’t believe in that stuff anyway. Whether or not you were on board from the very beginning shouldn’t affect how much you enjoy Modest Mouse or any other band. (Although, yes, I know that it feels really good to go around saying you knew them from way back when. ) You should just enjoy whatever you enjoy and be happy you found out about it. You hipsters and your eternal search for fresh coolness are so ungrateful! But, squeaking of Modest Mouse, what has become of them lately? All I’ve heard have been unsubstantiated rumors of new music, tour dates, etc. to no avail. Why aren’t they trouping all over the globe sucking as much filthy lucre out of their ungodly popularity as possible like every other sellout pop star? Could they be secretly working on something super amazing that will bring the unbelievers to their knees? Or maybe they’re all in various states of sitting on a beach with a bottle of rum and a basket of bananas.

(artwork by Ugly Artistry)


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