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A couple of years ago, I went out for drinks with a man who went into a spiel about his ex, who was – according to him – both better looking and more talented than Kacey Musgraves. That’s an awkward first date conversation, and it’s … Continue reading Stupid


Flashing back to the winter of 2013, when romance was all in the air, thanks to London Grammar. I’ve written a lot about the indie pop of the past decade, and 2013 always emerges as a banner year. Some damn classic albums came out that … Continue reading Strong

Still Alive

Detritus from my time of listening to whatever random-ass EDM songs I could find. My club-kid moment was short-lived and half-hearted – it’s hard to be an anything -kid when you’re not a kid anymore. But I did download a lot of dubiously sourced compilation … Continue reading Still Alive

Staying Up

The Neighbourhood were a major indie radio favorite in the Year of Our Lord 2013. That year, as I’ve noted before, was a particularly outstanding one for great breakout indie bands. I think it was probably the high point of the wave of indie/dreampop/electro/chillwave pop … Continue reading Staying Up

Stay In

Here is something that I know will be new to you. Wax Idols were a band out of Oakland who made four albums before disbanding in 2018. They earned praise from music media outlets such as Pitchfork, but never got any mainstream attention. They don’t … Continue reading Stay In

Stay Awake

No collection of 2010’s dreampop is complete without London Grammar. They’re up there with Savoir Adore and Camera Obscura in exemplifying the genre. It’s a loosely defined genre, as it goes, but there a few features that all of the above groups excel at: sensuous … Continue reading Stay Awake


Cage the Elephant has been getting better and better. When they started out they seemed like they’d formed a band because they’d heard a Raconteurs record. But they quickly grew out of that comparison. They’ve become one of the best guitar bands, full stop. Quirky … Continue reading Spiderhead