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Amid some mighty stiff competition, this comes in as The Rolling Stones’ second-most offensive song and definitely their filthiest. It may also be the filthiest ode to groupies by any major rock band ever. Mick Jagger is said to have declined the advances of the … Continue reading Starfucker

Some Girls

“Because we couldn’t remember their bloody names” Keith Richards famously joked about the title of the record, and if the double-down of sordid groupie cliches in the lyrics felt somewhat like a desperate attempt by the Stones to be demonized as rock’s worst bad boys … Continue reading Some Girls


It’s impossible to imagine Mick Jagger ever being anyone’s ‘slave’. Not even in a kinky sex way. Nor is it a good metaphor for romantic relations, because, you know. But it is a good jam, and good jams don’t have to make sense. You don’t … Continue reading Slave