Category: 2011 music

That’s Where You’re Wrong

The Arctic Monkeys sure know how to make a sexy rock ballad, and Alex Turner is a very seductive frontman. Seductive in the sense that he seems like the type to slip you some cash for the taxi in the morning. All the sexiest rock … Continue reading That’s Where You’re Wrong

Tell Me

This is Tom Waits at his most non-weird, a reminder that in the first phase of his career, he was an average songwriter not dissimilar to Randy Newman or Bruce Springsteen. Being those things isn’t bad – he was perfectly good at it. But eccentricity … Continue reading Tell Me

Tear Us Apart

You can always count on The Real Tuesday Weld to accompany their enchanting music with equally enchanting imagery. Their animated music videos are legendary. And, aside from their impeccable aesthetics, and arcane cosmology, their music also requires that you first read the book. Well, you … Continue reading Tear Us Apart

Sugar Mama

Full disclosure: I thought this was a Goldfrapp song at first. It’s Keren Ann, a French-Israeli singer, who usually doesn’t look like this. She usually occupies a more understated, Charlotte Gainsbourg-adjacent niche. But being a French sophisticate isn’t how to penetrate the pop market, and … Continue reading Sugar Mama