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This City Never Sleeps

There’s only one city that carries the sobriquet City That Never Sleeps, and she’s been a muse to songwriters for as long as insomniac creative types have been flocking there. The Eurythmics were only the latest to pay tribute to the New York City subway, … Continue reading This City Never Sleeps


10,000 Maniacs were one of the weirder alternative rock bands of the 80’s. Natalie Merchant, in her solo work, somehow gained a reputation (in my mind, at least) for making “mom music”. I’m still not sure how those two statements tie together. Robert Christgau, hearing … Continue reading Tension


Discerning movie lovers will be familiar with the many film scores written by composer Danny Elfman, most iconic of all, the soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas. What you may not know is that before his Hollywood career, Elfman was the frontman of the New … Continue reading Sweat


What is any Talking Heads song about? I don’t know, especially this one. I don’t what the title means, or the words. It is, as promised, just David Byrne speaking in actual tongues. With, of course, an irresistible groove to lead you into a trancelike … Continue reading Swamp