Tag: 1985

Stone Woman

Comfort food is for people who eat their feelings. Comfort music is for people who need aural cues to manage their feelings. I’ve always used music to mediate my emotional wellbeing, and I’d say that it works pretty well – or not, just ask my … Continue reading Stone Woman

Stephanie Says

What was it that allowed Lou Reed, only a few years out of college, to write about self-recrimination and sorrow with such empathy and precision? If he aspired to produce the coveted Great American Novel in the form of a rock’n’roll album, he certainly succeeded. … Continue reading Stephanie Says

Stay Up Late

Perhaps the only song about staying up all night long that isn’t about doing sex. It’s about the fascination and joy of a new baby, and it elevated Talking Heads to a level of round-eyed wholesomeness usually reserved for unabashed sentimentalists like Paul McCartney. David … Continue reading Stay Up Late

Sowing Seeds

It’s a shoegaze kind of a day. Because it’s that purgatorial period between Christmas and New Year when time has become so meaningless that the days feel like they’re clicking backwards. Also it’s wet, cloudy and about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, just to make the discombobulation … Continue reading Sowing Seeds

So Far Away

I like a love song about long distance and alienation. Everyone and everything is always too far away and too hard to get close to. That’s just a classic crying-in-your-drink sentiment, and if it comes in such an impeccably played and catchy package, then all … Continue reading So Far Away

Slave to Love

I think the lesson here is that if impeccably glamorous people can’t have positive romantic outcomes, what hope is there for people who don’t lounge around in evening wear? Or, relatedly, only the impeccably glamorous get to experience the full gamut of romantic emotions in … Continue reading Slave to Love