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One thing I love about Lissie is her ability to comfortably shift musical styles while always consistently sounding like herself. Though she leans most often into a light folk-rock, sometimes she’ll play with something unexpected. Here, she takes on a playful sixties girl-group sound. All … Continue reading Stranger

Steppin’ Up

Even after becoming wildly successful, M.I.A. continued to make music – a “digital ruckus” in her own words – that sounds like it’s being broadcast from a filthy basement somewhere in a housing project. M.I.A. did make her earliest recordings at home with a cheap … Continue reading Steppin’ Up


It’s funny that M.I.A.’s Wiki lists her occupation as ‘rapper’. Her music is so far outside all the usual definitions of genre, she’s basically her own genre. Also, she has an MBE. Also, I guess she’s in “retirement” now. Hopefully, it won’t stick, because I … Continue reading Space