Tag: 2010

A Thief at My Door

Karen Elson named her album The Ghost Who Walks after herself. Or rather, after an unkind schoolyard nickname she earned for being “tall, pale and little bit haunted.” Of course, in a fairytale-worthy reversal of fortune, the same attributes that inspired childhood bullying turned out … Continue reading A Thief at My Door

Tell ‘Em

I don’t listen to noise pop – because what even is that? – but the noise pop of Sleigh Bells was a real brain-melter for me. I haven’t heard any other album than Treats (2010) that offers quite such a delirious mix of industrial-attack style … Continue reading Tell ‘Em

Super Bass

We are living in a real golden age for outrageous young female rappers right now, which is destroying our culture if you’re of the older, more conservative persuasion, and thorst-quenching if you support creative young Black women being their sexiest, most empowered selves and going … Continue reading Super Bass


Whatever ‘success’ constitutes on Interpol’s world, I don’t know, but I think that they use the word with irony. They are, clearly, too cool to care about success in the conventional sense. Despite, of course, being wildly successful. Their popularity is based on an audience … Continue reading Success