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There Is a Happy Land

Few major artists faceplanted their debut as hard as David Bowie did. His first album and most of his 1960’s material were soundly rejected on arrival, and generally considered an awkward phase best forgotten. Bowie himself was rather embarrassed by record companies’ rereleases of the … Continue reading There Is a Happy Land

Telling Lies

David Bowie’s techno phase. It’s one of my favorite David Bowie phases. That’s my hot take. People didn’t appreciate it at the time, but in hindsight, people still don’t appreciate it. But the world really needed a David Bowie techno album or two. Without that, … Continue reading Telling Lies


It’s hard to think of David Bowie being underrated anymore, although he was throughout many phases in his career. He mastered the art of dying in style, and with that comes near-sainthood. But despite reaching Bob Marley-like levels of merchandizing saturation, Bowie still remains largely … Continue reading Survive

The Supermen

“I was still going through the thing when I was pretending that I understood Nietzsche…” Even David Bowie doesn’t understand Nietzsche, which is okay, because Friedrich Nietzsche was, in a very real and clinical sense, a crazyperson. Still, it helps to pull up some references … Continue reading The Supermen


The overall mood of pop music in the early 2000’s was one of manic energy. Maybe it had something to do with the economy being robust, or some other, less obvious, cultural factor, but the decade felt like ten years of neon-colored hedonism. (At least … Continue reading Sunday


In honor of the avant-garde achievement of Low, I oughta just write this entirely in random words… Whether it’s a joke, a pretention, or a howl of existential angst is entirely up to your own perception.