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Banks’ debut album Goddess was part of the soundtrack of the winter of 2014 and the year that came after. That’s almost certainly by design on the part of the artist. It’s mood music meant for sinking into. I’ve always been a sucker for some … Continue reading Stick

Stay Awhile

If you had any doubt about Zooey Deschanel’s vocal bona fides, I hope they’re laid to rest when you hear her tackle the legacy of Dusty Springfield. In her day, Dusty Springfield was a major hitmaker, and she’s considered one of the greatest ‘blue-eyed soul’ … Continue reading Stay Awhile


Future Islands is good crying music. That’s high recommendation, for people who deal with their ups and downs by getting drunk and listening to music. Unlike some of the more obvious depression-music favorites, Future Islands stands out for being uplifting. The raw emotion of Sam … Continue reading Spirit


This is the first of a string of songs named Sober, which invites a series of conversations about sobriety. An important topic, to be sure. However, this song by Broods is not actually about sobriety. It’s a plaintive love song, which invites a conversation about … Continue reading Sober