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Banks’ debut album Goddess was part of the soundtrack of the winter of 2014 and the year that came after. That’s almost certainly by design on the part of the artist. It’s mood music meant for sinking into. I’ve always been a sucker for some … Continue reading Stick

Steppin’ Up

Even after becoming wildly successful, M.I.A. continued to make music – a “digital ruckus” in her own words – that sounds like it’s being broadcast from a filthy basement somewhere in a housing project. M.I.A. did make her earliest recordings at home with a cheap … Continue reading Steppin’ Up

Stay Low

I miss Ryn Weaver. Her career now seems to consist of the occasional Instagram livestream. Which, presumably, is her choice, since I can’t imagine she would have that much trouble finding a new record label since leaving Interscope. Also, who even needs record labels anymore? … Continue reading Stay Low


I’ll Be Your Girl came along without much fanfare in 2018. I didn’t find out about it until several months after it was released. I suppose that means that The Decemberists’ years of being a band that mainstream entertainment media cares about are over. It … Continue reading Starwatcher