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This Baby Don’t Cry

K.Flay was peak pop culture in 2017. She was No.1 Most Relatable, and also most played on the radio. Then she kind of dropped off. Her third album came out just 2 years after her breakout, but it just didn’t click the same. Nevermind it, … Continue reading This Baby Don’t Cry


The Dandy Warhols have been keeping the American alternative rock scene weird since the mid-90’s. They may never be a household name, but their legacy as a cult band is secure. It’s become hard to find records that are freewheelingly weird, and The Dandy Warhols … Continue reading Terraform


Lizzo wants you to have a Self-Love Summer. Every summer. And all year round too, please. The body positivity and size diversity movement has been mainstreaming for some time now – to the point that now even longtime holdout companies like Victoria’s Secret have bent … Continue reading Tempo