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Every time Rihanna releases new music it’s a phenomenon. You can measure the eras of your life by which Rihanna song you were jamming to, from the innocent days of Pon de Replay to Bitch Better Have My Money. 2012 was the year of the … Continue reading Stay


Another gorgeous wave of dreampop from Savoir Adore. Their album Our Nature is one of my favorite records of the past decade, and probably the best example of dreampop as a genre, nebulous as it is. I haven’t listened to what they’ve done since they … Continue reading Sparrow

So What?

Die Antwoord is just, quite simply, too weird for this world. I’m not entirely sure they’re even real people. Their personas are so heavily tied-in to their musical style and their entire aesthetic feels both authentic and like absolute performance art. Whatever else they are, … Continue reading So What?