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The Blues Brothers is one of the greatest movie musicals of all time, and that is non-debatable. With its beginnings as an SNL skit, and with its budget spent mostly on smashing police cars, it may seem aesthetically miles away from the glories of old … Continue reading Think


Well, then. Diana Ross sure knew how to deliver the drama. This is as overwrought a love song as anyone in the Motown factory ever wrote. (Smokey Robinson, as it happens.) Frankly, it’s an understated performance given the material. Anyone else would have turned it … Continue reading Then


I want to go live inside of a Donovan album, with psychedelic high tea and a magical sun. Failing that, I want to take a lot of drugs and go sit in the woods. Failing that, I guess I’ll just keep listening to The Hurdy … Continue reading Teas


In 1968, Morocco was the vacation destination du jour for the rock’n’roll demimonde. Rock stars liked it, I suppose, because it was an exotic place where they could smoke copious amounts of hash in relative privacy. It was also glamorous, cheap, bohemian, metropolitan, Westernized, and … Continue reading Tangier

A Sunny Day

As expected, when researching songs about things being sunny, a disproportionate number of them are by Donovan. You can’t blame him for a having a bit of an attachment to sunshine: he is from Scotland, where the climate is not balmy and a sunny day … Continue reading A Sunny Day