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We have a lot of smart and thoughtful female singer-songwriters to choose from right now, which is great. It truly is nice that female singers are no longer consigned away as a niche subgenre to ‘real music’. The only downside is deciding which young woman … Continue reading Special


It’s moments of blissful weirdness like this that make me love Sylvan Esso. I’ve often said that the best part of any artist’s work is oftentimes the novelties and throwaways tucked away on B-Sides and bonus discs. The little experiments and candid moments are like … Continue reading Sound


Halsey is a restless artist who moves between genres as easily as she changes her look. It seems that, for the post-millennial generation, the idea that one should stick to an easily defined musical style is as old fashioned as the idea of ‘dressing your … Continue reading Sorry


Yes, the song is just called “Song”. That kind of sums up the down-to-earth spirit of Sylvan Esso. Simple song titles, simple melodies. It’s not very often that you would describe an electropop duo as being down-to-earth or rootsy, but that’s Sylvan Esso. Amelia Meath’s … Continue reading Song

So Young

It’s always tricky to guess what, out of things that seem catchy and appealing at any given moment, will still be those things when the moment has passed. It’s the cold and unpredictable eye of history, which consigns most popular fads to the memory hole … Continue reading So Young