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I can’t even recall the last time I’ve listened to Obscured by Clouds. I might as well be listening to a brand new records. Which is fine, because there’s not about to be any more Pink Floyd albums. It was probably a planned irony that … Continue reading Stay


It is never too early in the day to contemplate where we are without David Bowie. The popular adage that Bowie was somehow holding the fabric of the universe together feels more and more true, as the fabric of the universe becomes increasingly threadbare. It’s … Continue reading Starman


David Bowie predicted the fall of humanity. We all had five years left to live, he said. It wasn’t five years counting from June 1972, as it turned out, or from any other doomsday years since. It may still turn out that it will be … Continue reading Star


In 1972 there were a lot of songs about space. People were still excited about the American space program, and artists couldn’t get enough of space travel’s boundless metaphorical possibilities. There was Elton John’s Rocket Man, and David Bowie’s entire Ziggy Stardust persona. Harry Nilsson … Continue reading Spaceman


Despite having had years to work on it, I still haven’t explored all of Neil Young’s discography. The man is truly prolific. It doesn’t help that I really just want to listen to the peak 70’s stuff. I have gotten into some of his late … Continue reading Soldier