Category: Classic Albums

Steel Claw

The old adage goes that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in heels. Tina Turner literally gave Mick Jagger dancing lessons, but for his part Jagger usually performed in tennis shoes. Here you can see a 45 year old Tina Turner … Continue reading Steel Claw

Stay Up Late

Perhaps the only song about staying up all night long that isn’t about doing sex. It’s about the fascination and joy of a new baby, and it elevated Talking Heads to a level of round-eyed wholesomeness usually reserved for unabashed sentimentalists like Paul McCartney. David … Continue reading Stay Up Late

Stay Hungry

I’ve always said that the only valid form of cardio was dancing to a Talking Heads record all the way through. More Songs About Buildings and Food is not one of those Talking Heads albums that could fuel a dancersize class, but they’re getting there. … Continue reading Stay Hungry

Stay Away

Performances like this one by Nirvana provoked “get off my lawn!” reactions from the cultural gatekeepers in 1992; now they’re comfortably ensconced on Classic Rock radio alongside the big boys. Probably not what Kurt Cobain intended for himself, but if there’s one everlasting truth about … Continue reading Stay Away


“I would scream very loudly” – David Bowie, getting a self-defense lesson on the Dinah Shore show. Whatever else we know David Bowie had going on in his life in 1976, he still appeared on middlebrow variety programmes like Dinah Shore and charmed the pearls … Continue reading Stay