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I listened to Sharon Van Etten for the first time in 2019. As usual with my new discoveries, she is hardly new. She’s had a ten year career and Remind Me Tomorrow is her fifth album. It’s a fine time for intimate singer-songwriters, so that … Continue reading Stay


A new breakout star for the new year, I give you, Pronoun. Her web-search proof name belies her appealing electropop sound. I keep waiting for the tides to turn against this kind of effervescent synth-pop music, but the genre has proven surprisingly durable, and still … Continue reading Stay

The Static Age

When I’m browsing new releases trying to discover new artists, I’m at the point where I’ve starting to skip past records described as “indie rock” or, God help us, anything “alternative”. Because those descriptors have been so abundantly overused since the 90’s, they practically have … Continue reading The Static Age

State Trooper

I should start writing an entirely separate column dedicated to bands I can’t believe I’d never listened to before. I can’t believe I didn’t know about Cowboy Junkies before I started to explore 80’s music last year. That might be because they sound nothing like … Continue reading State Trooper

Stalag 123

Here’s something that I’ve never listened to but should have been. Big Audio Dynamite is the band Mick Jones formed after leaving The Clash. I did not know this, but they released nine albums between 1984 and 1997. I guess that being a group of … Continue reading Stalag 123