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Teenage Dream

Whatever did happen to the teenage dream? What happened to the T. Rex dream? The teenagers grew up, and the next round of teenagers weren’t screaming for Marc Bolan, because there was no more Marc Bolan. But Bolan didn’t know that when he asked. He … Continue reading Teenage Dream


“Tree wizard puretongueThe digger of holes The swan kingThe Elf lordThe eater of souls Lithon the blackThe rider of stars Tyrannosaurus RexThe eater of cars” I want to read that fantasy novel. Unfortunately, Marc Bolan never lived long enough to retire to the country and … Continue reading Suneye


Any excuse to listen to a lot of T. Rex. I’ll be over here doing that. I’m aware that I’m most likely the only one who cares about the minute gradiations of the T. Rex sound over time, or the steps Marc Bolan took that … Continue reading Rapids