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This Corrosion

I suspect that any impressionable young person who caught the Sisters of Mercy on MTV (presumably at 2 a.m.) would have instantly become a goth. Maybe Andrew Eldritch and Patricia Morrison didn’t introduce the aesthetic, but they presented it in its highest form, and helped … Continue reading This Corrosion


“I can resist anything except temptation” quipped Oscar Wilde, well over a century ago. Wilde was thumbing his nose at Victorian morality, which worked out really well for him. We like to imagine that we’re well past the era of unctuous moralizing, but we’re not … Continue reading Temptation


Here is a random and obscure Jesus and Mary Chain song that came out on the tail of a special extended anniversary edition of their Darklands album. Now, I’m not the kind deep-diving fan who really wants to discuss the relative merits of previously unreleased … Continue reading Swing