Tag: 1990

Thirty Summers

It’s an overcast day, and that’s why I’m glad my album roulette landed on Cowboy Junkies. Theirs is music for cloudy skies and dark nights, I think. Or, of you’re of a different constitution, lazy mornings spent in coffee shops. If an album evokes dust … Continue reading Thirty Summers


There are two things that I don’t usually go for: country music and unironic odes to Texas. (Which is a Venn diagram so overlapped it’s practically a perfect circle.) But old-school outlaw country is something I do have a soft spot for, and when the … Continue reading Texas


Oh my, I haven’t played Cesaria Evora in a long time. I guess I’ve been neglecting the teatime music. That’s a genre, and if you know you know. Cesaria Evora possessed the kind of voice that inspires reams of purple prose from critics. My best … Continue reading Tanha

Take Heed

Take heed of what, though? Whatever looked like impending doom in 1990, I guess. Black Uhuru’s music is usually focused on positivity – “That’s the nature of the Rastaman” as they said in one of their other songs. But it is also the nature of … Continue reading Take Heed