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One thing I love about Lissie is her ability to comfortably shift musical styles while always consistently sounding like herself. Though she leans most often into a light folk-rock, sometimes she’ll play with something unexpected. Here, she takes on a playful sixties girl-group sound. All … Continue reading Stranger


It’s not at all dismissive to say that one of the main reasons for the success of Rockferry is because it’s such a skillful facsimile of 1960’s soul music. You can hit all the high notes in the world but if you don’t have soul … Continue reading Stop

The Sting

I’m running short on time to ruminate this morning. I’m going to leave you to enjoy this track from ThouShaltNot, one of my favorite obscure bands who deserved more attention than they got. I may have thoughts about how and why this music appeals to … Continue reading The Sting