Nine Objects of Desire is the right title for an album that explores just that, although, granted, in Suzanne Vega’s usual deeply cerebral style. She would never be so gauche as to write explicitly about lust or to stoop to using the all-too-common crutch of … Continue reading Stockings

Stir It Up

I’ve posted a lot about Bob Marley over the years and one thing I’ve noticed is that his performances are poorly documented, compared to many of his peers. The reason for that, of course, is obvious, and it’s not the lack of smart phones in … Continue reading Stir It Up

The Sting

I’m running short on time to ruminate this morning. I’m going to leave you to enjoy this track from ThouShaltNot, one of my favorite obscure bands who deserved more attention than they got. I may have thoughts about how and why this music appeals to … Continue reading The Sting