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That Don’t Make it Junk

“I fought against the bottle, but I had to do it drunk” For a poet, Leonard Cohen liked to be very literal-minded with his album titles. Ten New Songs was exactly as advertised, just as Songs of Leonard Cohen had been. Just some songs by … Continue reading That Don’t Make it Junk

Sun in My Mouth

I Will Wade Out i will wade out                        till my thighs are steeped in burning flowersI will take the sun in my mouthand leap into the ripe air                                       Alive                                                 with closed eyesto dash against darkness                                       in the sleeping curves of my bodyShall enter fingers of smooth … Continue reading Sun in My Mouth


If I could retroactively make Melody A.M. one of my favorite records of 2001, I would do that. But I wasn’t seeking out new music in 2001, let alone making a list of favorite new records. Unbeknownst to me, Royksopp was setting the standard for … Continue reading Sparks

Soren Grey

Today’s mood is the hypnotic electronic goth music of ThouShaltNot. It’s more nighttime or rainy day music, but I find it quite relaxing without being overly gloomy. My inner goth kid, meanwhile, wants to be entertained by something besides the same five dead bands from … Continue reading Soren Grey