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If I could retroactively make Melody A.M. one of my favorite records of 2001, I would do that. But I wasn’t seeking out new music in 2001, let alone making a list of favorite new records. Unbeknownst to me, Royksopp was setting the standard for … Continue reading Sparks

Soren Grey

Today’s mood is the hypnotic electronic goth music of ThouShaltNot. It’s more nighttime or rainy day music, but I find it quite relaxing without being overly gloomy. My inner goth kid, meanwhile, wants to be entertained by something besides the same five dead bands from … Continue reading Soren Grey

So Easy

You might remember this song from such important cultural events as… a T-Mobile commercial from sometime in the early 2000’s. Really. Judging by the YouTube comments, a lot of people remember it from just that, and some have even spent the past decade searching for … Continue reading So Easy

Skools Out

It amazes me that Ladytron made their debut almost twenty years ago already. Especially since hearing them still makes me think “what is this cool new thing?” Of course, there is music made decades ago that still sounds like the cool new thing nobody’s discovered … Continue reading Skools Out