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There Was A Time

There never was or will be a time when I don’t find this absolutely delightful. Donovan made many great records in his time, but A Gift From a Flower to a Garden is his magnum opus. An hour-long double album of whimsical and fantastic folk … Continue reading There Was A Time

There Is A Mountain

Based on a Buddhist saying, naturally. In 1967 you couldn’t listen to a pop song without learning something about Eastern mysticism or children’s literature. Donovan certainly did his best to sell everyone on all the spirituality he was absorbing from trustworthy sources like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The Maharishi turned out to be a charlatan, and most of his rock’n’roll cohort went back to being lapsed Anglicans. That doesn’t invalidate the sincerity of the seekers in that moment, and it certainly doesn’t invalidate the actual teachings that wound up going into the whole psychedelic soup. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, the dignity of Buddhist teachings isn’t about to be harmed by being appropriated for a year or two by a newly wealthy demimonde of musical stars, or anyone else who might have picked up on it since the 60’s. And if one pop song may guide a few people to take an interest in the teaching and set themselves on a more spiritual path, then more blessings to everyone involved.


I want to go live inside of a Donovan album, with psychedelic high tea and a magical sun. Failing that, I want to take a lot of drugs and go sit in the woods. Failing that, I guess I’ll just keep listening to The Hurdy … Continue reading Teas


In 1968, Morocco was the vacation destination du jour for the rock’n’roll demimonde. Rock stars liked it, I suppose, because it was an exotic place where they could smoke copious amounts of hash in relative privacy. It was also glamorous, cheap, bohemian, metropolitan, Westernized, and … Continue reading Tangier

A Sunny Day

As expected, when researching songs about things being sunny, a disproportionate number of them are by Donovan. You can’t blame him for a having a bit of an attachment to sunshine: he is from Scotland, where the climate is not balmy and a sunny day … Continue reading A Sunny Day


For someone living in Texas, songs about the sun have to be taken with a little grain of salt. Out here, the sun is not necessarily a good friend. For Donovan, hailing from foggy old Scotland, the sun must indeed seem to be a very … Continue reading Sun