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Thin Man

Thanks to Nine Objects of Desire, I will always think of Suzanne Vega whenever I see a Granny Smith apple. The saturated green of the apple, contrasted with the bronze of Suzanne’s hair, promised an expultation of earthly delights, and that was before you leaned … Continue reading Thin Man


Nine Objects of Desire is the right title for an album that explores just that, although, granted, in Suzanne Vega’s usual deeply cerebral style. She would never be so gauche as to write explicitly about lust or to stoop to using the all-too-common crutch of … Continue reading Stockings


Let’s tell the future. The more you enumerate the many ways people have tried, the more you’re reminded that it can’t be done. That makes this a very existential song in its own mild way. It’s existential because it’s not existential. Suzanne Vega doesn’t muse … Continue reading Predictions


This is a new reworking of a very forgotten gem. Suzanne Vega has been steadily rerecording acoustic versions of old material, arranging the results by theme; love, family, states of being. Coming from most artists, such a project would be presumed to be an easy … Continue reading Pilgrimage


This, a song about asking forgiveness, feels a little mournful for today. But also thought provoking, if you want to dwell on thoughts about grace. Penitence, grace, and forgiveness are pillars in the doctrines of every faith I know of. Perhaps guidance for navigating those … Continue reading Penitent