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That’s the Way

A wise man once said “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like Led Zeppelin.” That man was Jack White, and I may be misquoting the quote from memory. I too, can’t quite trust anyone who doesn’t like Led Zeppelin. You’re allowed to cast a critical … Continue reading That’s the Way

The Temple

My entire religious education begins and ends with Jesus Christ Superstar. That puts me at a disadvantage for commenting on a lot of the discourse going on about what is, and isn’t, expressed or implied in the Bible. But I do know that Christ’s cleansing of the temple is a major event in His life, as recounted in all four Gospels. It has been interpreted in many different ways, but generally, it seems like a fairly clear lesson about keeping the corruption of commercial business – i.e. moneylending, with its attending sins of greed and exploitation, etc. etc. – out of sacred spaces. In the narrative of Christ’s life, it’s understood as a tipping-point event, in which an act of civil disobedience by Christ and His followers leads to His eventual arrest and crucifixion. I’m not here to discuss the finer theological points, but yeah, I think that Jesus was making some valuable points about mixing the spiritual with the economic. In the anachronistic depiction of the movie, we see Christ flipping a table of machine guns, which is an image all too on-the-nose and ironic.


Jethro Tull’s spirit and vibes are very near and dear to my heart. I can relate to an English eccentric who performs in a ratty bathrobe and doesn’t comb his beard. Ian Anderson has the legs of a rock star and the soul of a … Continue reading Teacher


Thanks to Led Zeppelin, lemons are officially the sexiest fruit, but tangerines are apparently a close second. Laying aside the citrusy double-entendres, there are many reasons why Led Zeppelin’s supremacy remains unchallenged as the overlords of 70’s hard rock. (Hard rock, rock hard, heh-heh…) They … Continue reading Tangerine


The worlds of Broadway shows and rock music have not been good bedfellows. Though many great rock artists have taken inspiration from musical theatre, musical theatre has had a hard time incorporating contemporary trends and attitudes. There’s something incompatible about the highly formulaic artifice of … Continue reading Superstar

The Supermen

“I was still going through the thing when I was pretending that I understood Nietzsche…” Even David Bowie doesn’t understand Nietzsche, which is okay, because Friedrich Nietzsche was, in a very real and clinical sense, a crazyperson. Still, it helps to pull up some references … Continue reading The Supermen


“Tree wizard puretongueThe digger of holes The swan kingThe Elf lordThe eater of souls Lithon the blackThe rider of stars Tyrannosaurus RexThe eater of cars” I want to read that fantasy novel. Unfortunately, Marc Bolan never lived long enough to retire to the country and … Continue reading Suneye