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In these troubled times, it feels shallow and self-indulgent to be crying about being unlovable. People are dying by the millions, who cares if you’re single and hating it? However, if you do feel like you need to wallow in your loneliness and weep, have … Continue reading Stay


I was delighted to find out that in 2019 my favorite provider of slow jamz, Tinashe, finally sorted out her record label woes and released an excellent new album. As much I enjoyed that, it doesn’t quite compare to Nightride, the record she recorded ‘on … Continue reading Spacetime


For anyone rooting for Beyonce to strut into the sunset middle fingers akimbo, SPOILER ALERT: she went back to her cheatin’ man. In real life and in Lemonade. And it was, after everything, pretty satisfying to see her conquer the world all aglow with the … Continue reading Sorry

Small Bill$

Regina Spektor named her first major label album Soviet Kitsch, way back in 2004, but she’s never leaned into it as heavily as she does here. Not that she needs a gimmick to differentiate herself from all of those other girls with pianos, but she’s … Continue reading Small Bill$