Tag: 2005

Stay Loose

Unlike many of my contemporaries, the Verve Remixed series was not my first introduction to jazz music. However, I can say that it did stoke my interest in rediscovering classic jazz artists. Which was exactly what the Verve record label set out to do when … Continue reading Stay Loose

Sombre Detune

The Scandinavians are good at a few things: knitting warm socks, salted fish, liberal democracy, and electronic dance music. (Other things too, probably.) There must be something about all those long dark nights in the numbing cold that makes people want to trance dance. Admittedly, … Continue reading Sombre Detune

Soft Power

Nobody in the electropop realm has creepier visions than Ladytron. Chalk it up to too much education or the natural morbidity of Eastern Europe. But as much as their melodies are beautiful, their lyrics are about witchcraft and alienation. Even their love songs are creepy. … Continue reading Soft Power


So, have you heard about Moby? Apparently he’s a sad schmuck loser who consistently strikes out with women who are far out of his league and then lies about it. Like when he wrote in his memoir that he dated Natalie Portman and she was … Continue reading Snowball