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What is going on in this video? Setting aside the ill-advised Officer Pornstache outfit, what is wrong with Bryan Ferry’s face? He appears to be displaying the tell-tale lockjaw of someone who just blew a week’s paycheck up his nose. Which looks considerably less attractive … Continue reading Nightingale

Night Owl

I don’t think anyone can argue that Carly Simon is a canonical artist, but I always appreciate a song that reflects my lifestyle. No, I’m sure that Carly Simon is someone’s all time everything. Even terrible artists have fandoms, and Simon was far from terrible. … Continue reading Night Owl


You know what I like about Dire Straits? Their modesty. They’re a band of elevated talents and very little hype. Not an ego band. How they ever got popular, I don’t know. It’s almost like they’re too good for popularity. I don’t see a whole … Continue reading News