Author: ladygarfunkel

Sugar Moon

In the excellent Showtime series Work in Progress, an elderly butch lesbian is befriended by a group of queer kids young enough to be her offspring (the series is about a May-December romance, and I highly recommend it) and is flabbergasted by their joie de … Continue reading Sugar Moon

Sugar Mama

Full disclosure: I thought this was a Goldfrapp song at first. It’s Keren Ann, a French-Israeli singer, who usually doesn’t look like this. She usually occupies a more understated, Charlotte Gainsbourg-adjacent niche. But being a French sophisticate isn’t how to penetrate the pop market, and … Continue reading Sugar Mama

Sugar Daddy

In the hierarchy of 80’s synthpop, the Thompson Twins are scraping around near the bottom. They’re not interesting enough for the upper echelon, but not the level of bad that lives in cringe-nostalgia infamy. Still, they made a few good albums, and if you’re endlessly … Continue reading Sugar Daddy

Sugar Boats

Enjoy the coming together of two strands of creative weirdness. Some internet genius thought to mash up a 2015 Modest Mouse song with the 1931 Max Fleischer cartoon Bimbo’s Initiation, and it’s as though the two were always meant to be together. It’s unofficial, of … Continue reading Sugar Boats


I’m still on a mission to learn more about 90’s. As we know, most of what we heard on the radio and saw on MTV in those years was hot garbage. But digging deeper, there are many obscure gems. Here is Heather Nova, a singer-songwriter … Continue reading Sugar


Ladytron was really the height of glamour and cool in 2005. Like their name implies, their music is stylized, robotic, and sexy. No wonder they were instantly acclaimed from all sides. They didn’t need to search for something elusive; they already had it. 2005 is … Continue reading Sugar