Life Itself

The classic George Harrison move; write a song that sounds like a beautiful love song, but turns out to be a beautiful love song about God. Harrison was a famously a deeply spiritual person, and he knew how to incorporate that into his music in an accessible way. He spoke about his Hinduism, but he never preached about it – and there’s a big difference. And it’s undoubtedly a good thing; there are few things more annoying, especially in a celebrity, than preachiness. No one wants to be preached at or prodded towards conversion in daily life, and even less when the pushy one is a famous person full of the smug conviction that they’re on the one true path. It’s incredibly aggravating, even if the person is actually talking about something really positive and good. Has anyone ever felt more ardently turned off by the possibility of practicing Yoga and eating healthy than they do after hearing Gwyneth Paltrow brag about it? With religion, it’s that squick feeling times one thousand. George Harrison managed to get his message out and still avoid being insufferable. Partly because he was a very  private person not given to jumping on soapboxes, and partly because when he did talk about his journey he did it without pretending he was better than others or showing  judgement toward nonbelievers or believers of things other than what he believed. The simplicity and sincerity of the songs he wrote about his faith makes them easy to relate to emotionally. That they could double as love songs makes them all the more appealing to fans who wouldn’t normally stop to think about their own spiritual condition.


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