Dreaming My Dreams

Dreaming My Dreams was a comeback single for Marianne Faithfull, from Faithless, the album that began her steady rehabilitation as an artist. Once she’d finished stomping her virginal image into dust in the sixties, she’d become rather a reviled figure in Britain. By 1975, she couldn’t get arrested, let alone a hit single. But she had a vision for herself. She imagined Dreaming My Dreams as “country-western Marlene Dietrich […] perfect, dribbling piano music for crying in your beer.” The song became a surprise hit in Ireland, paving the way for a new contract and a chance to make an album. Faithless was aiming to be  “an English country album […] a sort of country roots album with Celtic vibes.” Which, as the case was, meant a  Waylon Jennings cover and a Honky Tonk Angels that, while suitably depressing, made no one forget Kitty Wells. Not exactly a hit, critically or commercially, but it put Marianne back in the studio, and gave her the confidence to start work on what she calls “the Masterpiece”, Broken English, that is. She was, in those years, absolutely sodden with narcotics – it’s a shock she survived, more shocking still that she pulled it together so well to make music. The video shows a still lovely, but glazed junkie, holding on to a table for support. She had a heroic ability to digest everything bad she did to herself (and her path was self-chosen with a vengeance) and express it, profoundly, as art.

All quotes from the autobiography.

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