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I can’t even recall the last time I’ve listened to Obscured by Clouds. I might as well be listening to a brand new records. Which is fine, because there’s not about to be any more Pink Floyd albums. It was probably a planned irony that … Continue reading Stay


No one ever did psychedelic epics quite like Pink Floyd. Which amazingly, they managed to successfully do long after the ‘psychedelic’ descriptor fell out of style. From ‘psychedelic’ to ‘progressive’ to infinity, as they say. Pink Floyd distinguished themselves in the 60’s, when everyone was … Continue reading Sorrow


Late sixties Pink Floyd is my favorite kind. They were so playful then! This one was written and performed by Rick Wright, who was never the dominant personality of the band and thus often has his contributions overlooked. I think it’s a very charming song, … Continue reading Paintbox