Shock the World

If Tom Tom Club has done anything to shock the world, it’s proving that there’s still life and music after getting burned by David Byrne. And I wouldn’t call it shocking but rather pleasantly surprising that they’ve had such a consistent run over the years. Good party music that sounds fresh and fun is always welcome, even or even especially if, it flies below the radar. I have to call Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom one of my favorite cult records. I mean, it’s a favorite record period, but definitely top among those that I wish more people knew about. (Also I’ve been waiting for an excuse to post this topless picture of Tina Weymouth, because deep down inside I’m a mouth-breathing 13-year-old boy, I guess.) 

She’s Dangerous

Guess what day it is? It’s this blog’s 10 year anniversary! If you’ll excuse me I’ll be right over here grappling with a howling space-void of existential dread. But seriously, folks, ten years is a long time to spend writing a blog that nobody reads. It is, simply, an ongoing writing exercise for myself, a daily mental calisthenics practice. It gives my life structure, ok? I think I should come up with something to commemorate, get nostalgic a little bit. I may or may not think of something. In the meantime, here’s some ska music by Tom Tom Club.

She’s A Freak

One thing I didn’t know was that Tom Tom Club was still active in the 2000’s. Of course, why wouldn’t they remain sporadically active over the span of decades? They’re more of an evolving collective than a solid unit, so they can reform and reconvene at will. They’ve been pretty consistent with their nerdy brand of funk, and no matter the decade, there’s still something of an 80’s feeling about it. Not in a contrived nostalgic way. Their music just reminds me of the enthusiasm and free spirit of the 80’s, when world music was exotic and unheard of, hip-hop was brand new and uncommercialized, and electronic beats hadn’t yet calcified into every middle eight of every pop song. It was a more innocent time, I guess.

Little Eva

Is Tom Tom Club paying tribute to the original Little Eva, the singer best known for her 1962 hit The Loco-Motion? I have no idea, but it’s possible. By 1988 Eva herself had fallen into complete obscurity, but her song was making a comeback in the hands of Kylie Minogue. It would be nice if Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz were indeed thinking of her when they wrote this song. Or it could be a completely random coincidence. Either way, it’s a fun song.

Don’t Say No

Tina Weymouth is badass. Agreed? This one time, I had a long and detailed dream about hanging out with Tina and Chris Frantz at their house, having dinner and walking around in the woods. It was awesomely well-decorated, as I recall. Yeah, I have a lot of vivid dreams randomly populated by famous people. Yeah. Anyway. I hear that Tina has recently been involved with Gorillaz, who are an imaginary cartoon band, who nevertheless are said to put on a mean live show and who I’ve never listened to actually, but are supposed to be really cool and whatnot. So that’s nice.