Just one more from my favorite band that nobody’s ever heard of, then I’ll lay off telling you about ThouShaltNot for a little while. This song may be more suitable for enjoying late in the night – you can play it at your next seance! I love the slow-building drama here. It’s almost like a goth power ballad, for anyone out there who still identifies as a goth. Does anybody still do that? When they’re not in high school? I don’t know, there’s probably a flaming hot goth scene right under my nose and I haven’t walked into it yet. I know there’s a club that hosts a vampire night. Let’s go to it.



ThouShaltNot is my little secret, apparently. I can’t quite recall how I discovered them (somewhere in the back alleys of the interwebs) but is certainly wasn’t through any old-school published media, and it wasn’t word of mouth. I don’t know anyone who’s heard of them. I’ve never read anything about them, not even a passing mention. Maybe they’re a figment of my imagination; it’s possible that in my fever dreams I would imagine an alt-goth post-punk band that time-traveled from the 80’s. The world’s not a fair place, as we know, and sometimes really talented people who deserve to become hugely famous – don’t.

The Projectionist

ThouShaltNot is not more, but for a little while in the early 2000’s they were keeping 80’s-style goth music alive. I don’t even remember why and how I discovered them, because the keeping goth music alive scene is not really my scene. (The interwebs, obviously, though.) I’m glad I did, and I’ve been listening to them pretty regularly for years. It’s nice to discover something that is in the same vein as the classics everyone and their dog loves but hasn’t been hammered to death by every two-bit DJ in every poorly-lit sleazy nightclub you’ve ever been to.

The Ocean is Your Voice

ThouShaltNot has been no more for a while now, unfortunately. Someone needs to keep the spirit of 80’s goth music alive, but not these guys anymore, apparently. Who could blame them for breaking up, though, having made six great albums that nobody listened to. I don’t even remember how and why exactly I discovered this band, but it was definitely one of those random internet moments. They had a great old school sound, with a certainly dark romantic sensibility, which is just me. I’ve never once seen them mentioned in the real press, no surprise. But that’s what the internet is for, bringing things into your life when you don’t expect them.

The Greater Good

Here someone you may not know, who I discovered a while back on one of my many internet travels. I stumble over a lot of random things online that grab my attention, but rarely anything I want to come back to after the initial jolt of interest. I found ThouShaltNot while looking for a Suzanne Vega song on YouTube. A random connect, but that’s how lightning strikes. I actually have a lot of their songs on my iPod now. I don’t know much about them, though. I know they’re still ‘active’ or together, but they haven’t made an album in a few years that I know of. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough. Also they often get labeled Goth or ‘Bauhuas-influenced’ but prefer the term Dark Cabaret. Which I think is an actual thing. Anyway, check them out, they have a Myspace.

Blood Sings/New Discovery

(photo: Megan Hancock)

Sometimes little things that bug us turn out to be blessings in disguise. I’m referring to YouTube’s refusal to post certain copyright protected materials. I don’t know how it works, but somehow they manage to block illegal posting of .oo01% of copyrighted music. That small percentage of blocked material happens to include the entirety of Suzanne Vega’s 99.9F°. So I didn’t even bother trying to post Blood Sings, and instead went looking for a cover version. And lo and behold, I discovered an awesome new band! ThouShaltNot is a Pittsburgh band who blend various influences that- well go see what they have to say about themselves. Whatever they think their influences are, they come out sounding like long lost New Wavers who somehow escaped from the 80’s. Like, Bauhaus meets Human League, kind of…