Pow Pow

Welcome to the musical sensation of the year, circa 2010. You can stop and say “wow, it’s been a long time!” LCD Soundsystem made three albums in five years and then did that whole ‘quit while you’re ahead’ thing. I think James Murphy is doing something with microbreweries in Brooklyn now, which is so hipster it’s, like, meta-hipster. Of course, very few people actually do quit while they’re ahead, and they usually get sucked right back into it when they try. So, seven years later, the time is ripe for an LCD comeback. Seven years is an eternity in our sped-up world of instant returns, and seven years of silence is like 40 years in the wilderness. The good news is there’s a new LCD album promised, with all details still TBA. But it’s definitely coming this year, so leave a slot preemptively open on your record of the year list.


One Touch

Since looking back on the past decade in music seems to have become a theme lately… Who could forget LCD Soundsystem’s This is Happening? It certainly helped me have a better 2010. I don’t remember who told me to listen to this record, or if it’s something I heard on the radio. But was my summer jam. I think the appeal is obvious; you can dance to it yet it’s also angsty and deep. You don’t get a whole lot of depth from dance┬ámusic, usually.