Rabbit Fighter

Unfortunately, I think this might be a sexual reference rather than the setup for a Redwall-style fantasy universe. But it’s Marc Bolan, so it may well be both. We know he loved his talking animals. And his sexual references. Not that it matters. The Slider remains a must-have among must-haves. You have to give yourself over to it and concede that Bolan can “rabbit fight all over you” any day. And there must be something deeply wrong with you if you can’t.


Mystic Lady

The Slider is so chock-full of hits. It’s one of those records where every song deserves to be a huge hit. The bar is so high that songs which would be the highlight of any other record get relegated to second-tier. I think this song is fantastic, but it’s definitely overshadowed by the bigger, louder, more hard-rocking numbers. Marc Bolan really amped up the energy for this record, keeping up a winning streak. However, I do like Bolan in pensive mode, and this song helps keep the balance. Honestly, all I can say is that it’s just a perfect record, a rare deal.