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The Flaming Lips are one of the great psychedelic rock bands of our time (not that it’s a crowded field.) Their music roves all over all of the wavelengths and their heads are filled with soupy ideas. They want you to use your cosmic energy … Continue reading Powerless

It Overtakes Me

That’s typically trippy. I kind of feel like the Flaming Lips have gotten boring lately. On one hand, they’ve done a lot of gimmicky shit with their packaging, like the gummy skull and then the actual human skull. It’s creative, and I’m sure hardcore collectors appreciate it, but it doesn’t do much for the common fan who just wants to hear some new music. On the other hand, the last few times I did hear their new music I wasn’t altogether impressed. It wasn’t horrible by any means, just too ambient and forgettable. It’s like they’re in a comfortable groove, and everybody’s content and there’s no real reason to get up and change things. I suppose that’s a perfectly normal development for a band who’ve done their time in the indie trenches. I’ll still continue to prefer their crazier early stuff, but I can’t begrudge them a little complacency now they’re successful.