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The Decembrists write about some pretty dark things, but damn if they don’t make getting swallowed by a whale sound joyful. Even a lighthearted song can’t come without literary and biblical allusions, because when you’re the egghead type, that’s just how you think. Being a … Continue reading Summersong


I’ll Be Your Girl came along without much fanfare in 2018. I didn’t find out about it until several months after it was released. I suppose that means that The Decemberists’ years of being a band that mainstream entertainment media cares about are over. It … Continue reading Starwatcher

Rise to Me

  This Decemberists songs isn’t referencing Greek mythology or English literature or 1970’s folk music. It isn’t referencing any cultural artifacts at all. Its inspiration is much closer to home than all that. Colin Meloy wrote the song for his son Henry, who was about … Continue reading Rise to Me