Sally Brown

If rock music is to be believed, dozens of girls in every school are named Sally. If Bad Manners are to be believed, Charlie Brown’s baby sister grew up, moved to the rough end of London and became a skinhead. I’ve never met anyone named Sally, or even known of one. As for little Sally Brown, you can imagine what you like. This particular Sally sounds like a real cool girl, though she probably has a switchblade in her boot and doesn’t mind using it.

Return of the Ugly

When Buster Bloodvessel sings about the return of the ugly, he means himself. Damn, that dude is ugly! If you’re cursed with a face like that, make it your schtick. Buster has made a career from being an ugly rudeboy, to the eternal inspiration of ugly rudeboys everywhere. You don’t have to be pretty to succeed at ska, you just have to be really fun, and I guarantee that Buster has more fun than you. He’s probably having more fun than you right now. And that’s why Bad Manners exists – to help you have more fun. Forget about social consciousness, let’s get drunk and rampage til we drop!