Purple Rain

Prince at the height of his powers in the 80’s was something to behold. He was a major force, and let this be reminder of it. It’s unfortunate that eventually his personal weirdness began to be more interesting than his work. Growing up in the 90’s, my main impression of Prince was as a tabloid figure. He was mocked for changing his name and finding religion, and for fighting bitterly with record labels instead of making music. Although he never sank to the level of Michael Jackson, he was doing himself serious career damage. It was a long time before anyone cared if he made a new record. The good news is that his last few albums have been very good, and people were paying attention for the right reasons again. The bad news, of course, was the Great Rapture of 2016. But there’s nothing like an untimely death to remember what made someone great in the first place, and any embarrassing missteps will fall to the wayside in the public imagination.



File:Prince delirious cover.jpg

You’re all probably losing sleep wondering why I don’t like Prince. Uh, I’m not sure why he hasn’t caught on with me. He’s just my type. I always go for a purple ruffle-wearing sex munchkin, right? Um, I don’t too much about him, except that Prince is his real name, and I hear now he’s a Jehovah’s Witness, which is just plain bizarre. I guess Prince is just waiting to be discovered. Come back in a year. Maybe I’ll be all over him.