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Sham pain for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends, as they say… Marina Diamandis, clever as she is, isn’t above using some corny-ass dad puns as vehicle for her social commentary, in this case about the perils of getting yourself blackout … Continue reading Shampain

Sex Yeah

“If women were religiously Recognized sexually We wouldn’t have to feel the need to show our ass, It’s to feel free” More pop stars should have lyrics this blunt. But few pop stars ever confront the conundrum of sex roles and entertainment. Marina Diamandis isn’t … Continue reading Sex Yeah


“Underneath it all, we’re just savages Hidden behind shirts, ties and marriages…” As if I needed anything to validate my lack of faith in the species. We are, all told, impenetrably dumb, desire-driven dysfunctional monkeys and the only thing we’ve got going for us is … Continue reading Savages


Marina Diamandis sure knows how to make angst poetic. She’s dramatic in her lyrics, in her vocals, and in her image. She may have pop diva sensibilities, but they’re constantly in a balancing act with her emo side. Because although her music might sound ‘big’ … Continue reading Rootless