Sister Wife

Songs about polygamy are few and far between, so it’s not much competition to say that this is the very best one. This is definitely the best song about polygamy. Polygamy is frowned upon for very good reasons in real life, but it sure makes for a fresh and original spin on the old love triangle songwriting trope. Alex Winston has an interest in unusual topics; her record is jam-packed with songs about unexpected things. If you’re going to write about something as mundane as sexual jealousy, it’s very hard to make that new again. Winston is a rare songwriter in that regard. She makes the same old shit of life new again. Now if only she could get out of record label purgatory and start making new music again…

Run Rumspringa

Still waiting for a new LP from Alex Winston. Apparently she’s been in label purgatory for the past five years, with a full album that she hasn’t been able to release because contractual obligations yada yada yada. That’s a trap a lot of rising young artists with plenty of talent but not a whole lot of business sense fall into, and it can really nip a promising career right in the bud. There’s still no word when and how Winston will release all the music she recorded while signed, but she is working on a collaborative project with Max Hershenow aka the male half of MS MR, which excites me a lot. In the meantime we’ll always have King Con, with its rogues’ gallery of Amish youths-gone-wild, Mormon sister-wives and velvet paintings.