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The Best of 2019 (Part 3)

I skipped out last week – I was busy! – but I haven’t skipped out on finishing the rest of this list. There’s so many more records left to discover and enjoy!

1. Norman Fucking Rockwell! – Lana Del Rey

Del Rey holding out her hand on a boat around a man

Remember when Lana Del Rey was an ingenue with lousy stage presence who bombed on SNL? Neither do I. Lana has slowly been accruing accolades as her work has matured, and now she’s made the most acclaimed record of her career. She’s become one of those rare artists who can maintain an aesthetic without impeding creative growth, and she’s finally getting the respect she’s always deserved.

Doin’ Time

Mariners Apartment Complex

Venice Bitch

2. Oklahoma – Keb’ Mo’

Image result for oklahoma keb mo

Kab’ Mo’ has been quietly keeping the blues alive since the 80’s, and he’s seen interest in roots music wane and ebb. Blues-based music may be at a bit of a low tide right now, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fresh and relevant in the hands of a master like Mo’ – and this master still has a lot to say.

Put A Woman In Charge

This Is My Home

Don’t Throw It Away

3. On the Line – Jenny Lewis

On the Line (Jenny Lewis album cover).jpg

This has been one of those records that everyone and their dog seemed to have been listening to all year. Jenny Lewis, of course, has been an indie rock darling for a solid two decades. With this confident and accomplished record, it’s pretty clear why.

Red Bull & Hennessey

Heads Gonna Roll

Wasted Youth

4. Only Things We Love – Blaqk Audio

Only Things We Love.jpg

There’s no lack of bands ambitiously trying to recapture the magic of 80’s New Wave, but not many of them actually do. Blaqk Audio is one that actually does, with a sound reminiscent of Human League at the height of their glory. It’s ‘reminiscent’ without sounding apish, and consistently fun, stylish and, uh, very gay.

The Viles

Muscle and Matter

Dark Arcades

5. Outer Peace – Toro y Moi

Toro y Moi - Outer Peace.png

Toro y Moi is a master of modern chillwave music, which is little bit like being a master of plating salads. That is, kind of an underrated skill set. This is eminently chillable music, in the very best way possible. Kind of like a really good salad.


Ordinary Pleasure

Monte Carlo

6. Pony – Orville Peck

Image result for orville peck pony

“Orville Peck” is an anonymous masked cowboy who croons like the second coming of Roy Orbison. With an image that makes reference to the iconography of mainstream Americana AND to the leather-daddy underground, Peck is camp of the highest refinement. Gay cowboy jokes aside though, he’s the best throwback crooner since Chris Isaak seduced Helena Christensen.

Dead of Night

Hope to Die

Turn to Hate

7. Remember the Future – Ionnalee

Ionnalee - Remember the Future cover art.png

The Scandinavian contingent continues to dominate the electronic music spectrum. Like her peers Karin Dreijer and Aurora Aksnes, Jonna Lee uses her haunting voice and ice-wraith image to create atmospheric music that is both chilling and soothing, and ever so slightly surreal.

Open Sea

Some Body

Remember the Future

8. The Return – Sampa the Great

Image result for the return sampa the great

The future of American music is being shaped by artists all over the world. R&B, soul, & hip-hop music, all as American as fortune cookies and fried chicken, can seem stagnant if you listen to what’s on the top of the charts. Maybe it takes an African woman living in Australia to make those genres sound alive again. Sampa the Great is a Zambian-expatriate who raps about life as a border- and identity- hopping citizen of the world.



Final Form

9. Rouge – Yuna

Yuna - Rouge.png

In a global world, we want our pop singers to be as international as our fusion cuisine. There’s a thirst for pop music that’s both exotic and accessible. Malaysian sensation Yuna is a cool fresh drink for everyone who’s been parched waiting for the next Kali Uchis. Yuna has Top 40-friendly pop chops, alright, with an eye on the global market too. She can collaborate with major-name rappers one minute and be singing in Malay a minute later.

Blank Marquee


Pink Youth

10. Solutions – K. Flay

K.Flay - Solutions.png

K. Flay comes off as your trainwreck bestie, the one who always fucks up the hardest but always manages to land on her feet. She might not be a very good singer, or a very glamorous person, but she’s a writer and performer who projects wounded tough-girl attitude. Each one of her records has been relatable, dirty and funny.

Not In California

Bad Vibes


Some Body

Representing the glacial soundscapes of Scandinavia, is my new-ish discovery Jonna Lee. You may or may not know her as the mastermind of the electronic music performance art project iamamiwhoami, or for her collaborative work with R√∂yksopp. She founded her own record label, To whom … Continue reading Some Body