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Goin’ On

News: fearless freaks still weird and eccentric. As far as Flaming Lips are concerned, the traditional album format is for boring people. Last year they released, to some notoriety, a 24-hour track encased in a real human skull. (Also available to stream online, here.) They also recorded an EP with Yoko Ono, only selling it at one gig and nowhere else. For this year the plan is, instead of finding a release date for twelve songs at some point on the calendar, they’re releasing one song per month. Cheers to them for being creative, and I’m sure serious collectors are salivating. But for average fans, the unconventional approach is a little┬áinaccessible. No one has the patience to listen to a 24-hour song, and no one is expected to. The once-a-month thing is novel and might be fun, but it takes a dedication and a long attention span to keep track of. Though we could wait until next year and then download the songs all at once and put them all together for an old-fashioned listening-to-a-new-album experience, that seems like they’re asking us to do a lot of work.