Somebody Else’s Business

Yes, more Pet Shop Boys! Because I really want to listen to a lot of sad gay music. I want to capture that feeling when you’re dancing on the outside but melancholy on the inside. Part of the hands-in-the-air scene but aloof from it. If you’re the sort who goes out dancing a lot, you know that there’s an underlying sadness that’s just part of the scene. Happily settled people don’t go out to clubs. Clubs are full of lonely people hoping to banish their loneliness through the euphoria of spasmodic movement. It’s inherently sad because the feeling is transient, the sloppy attempts to connect with strangers usually fall flat, and you wake up the next day with a hangover. The music written for clubs isn’t generally allowed to acknowledge that, because nobody wants to bring the dancefloor screeching to a halt. Pet Shop Boys are one of the few who allow you to dance it out to your melancholy. Throw you hands up in the air as you contemplate the saddening complexity of life.