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Solid Rock

I miss old-school guitar rock culture. It was a simpler time when the main arbiter of quality and relevance was whether or not something ‘rocked’. Okay, that’s actually a pretty one-dimensional means of measuring quality, and let’s not ignore the fact that guitar rock culture … Continue reading Solid Rock

So Far Away

I like a love song about long distance and alienation. Everyone and everything is always too far away and too hard to get close to. That’s just a classic crying-in-your-drink sentiment, and if it comes in such an impeccably played and catchy package, then all … Continue reading So Far Away


Dire Straits made some great videos, and this one is an underrated gem. It really takes you back to 1980, and not in a bad-nostalgia way. The aesthetics could not be cooler, and the message couldn’t be either. It makes you look at dated technology … Continue reading Skateaway