How Big Do You Love?

This is one of the gayest songs ever. In the top five of song gayness. Right up there with YMCA and Go West and Relax¬†and uh, whatever the fourth one is, something by Pet Shop Boys probably. You wouldn’t expect the fifth gayest song on earth to be vintage ska, but Bad Manners aren’t your typical ska band. Not that I know very much about ska, but there’s usually a lot of political subtext that goes over my head because they’re all English and talking about political English things from the 70’s, which I know nothing about. What I’m saying is, most ska bands think they have something important and clever to say. There’s nothing wrong with having convictions and backing them up with your checkerboard print guitar straps, but the topical aspect can get lost among listeners who aren’t old enough to remember whatever the hell everyone was so angry about in those days. So I really like Bad Manners because they are so frickin’ goofy. I don’t know them well enough to judge their entire catalog, and I’m sure they had intelligent things to say. But they also had a lot of jokes to tell, and lead singer Buster Bloodvessel’s outsize (literally) persona couldn’t possibly be taken seriously. I guess they’ve developed a reputation as something of a novelty act, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. They’re a damn funny band. You could even call them England’s most popular parody ska band, because they often seem to be poking fun at their more serious minded 2tone brethren. So, yeah, of course they would come up with the world’s gayest ska song.