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I’ve had the CSN&Y version of this song stuck in my head quite a bit. Those guys really had some amazing harmonies. You can make fun of them for their mustaches choices, or dislike their fanbase, but you can’t dismiss those harmonies. But honestly, I … Continue reading Questions

Mr. Soul

Neil Young was and remains a man of his time. His unkempt sense of style hasn’t changed much and neither has his faith in the do-gooding power of music. If he comes off as slightly weird and brain-addled, that’s because he is. Brain-addled in the … Continue reading Mr. Soul

Kind Woman

And now for some sappy, drippy 1960’s folk music. Music for wimps, you say. Be that as it may. I think sappy folk music has its place. Plus, very importantly, Buffalo Springfield was a good band. Yeah, they were folky as fuck, and of course, Stephen Stills was a member. It’s like there’s some kind of taint clinging to Stills (and Crosby and Nash, but not Young,) an association with spineless, weed snorkeled, trust fund hippie Baby Boomer self-indulgence. David Crosby (not a member of Buffalo Springfield, btw) in his bloated, balding, helplessly frazzled yet somehow still wealthy and admired middle age, has come to symbolize exactly what I’m talking about. Fat, rich, old former hippies with graying walrus mustaches, who’ve forgotten the meaning of rock’n’roll, but imagine they’re still with it, even though poor old Buffalo Springfield and such are the only even remotely rocking thing they can listen to, because anything too loud and unfamiliar makes their tinnitus act up. You know what kind of people I’m talking about. They’re the sort of people whose children all grew up to be hipsters. Anyway, none of this is directly the fault of Buffalo Springfield, or any combination of Crosby, Stills and Nash, or even Loggins and Messina, and especially not Neil Young, who alone has evolved into an even greater badass and surpassed all of his former bandmates in coolness.

(Photo: Adventure Through Inner Space)