On the Radio

Ok, about the video. I really love the image of Regina Spektor as a kindly music teacher. It is so very, very something a nice New York Russian Jewish girl would be doing if she wasn’t a pop star. In fact, Spektor’s mother is a music teacher, and Spektor attended musical and creative arts schools throughout her life. So it’s clearly a very near and dear profession. Obviously, it would be a loss to the wider world, but it’s a realistic alternate reality in which Regina Spektor never makes it out of the coffee shop scene but spends her life impacting the lives of students, one at a time. She seems like she would the kind of teacher who brings homemade pastries to class every morning. Also, on a slightly unrelated note, I think Regina Spektor is really huggable, and that’s not something I would say about very many pop stars. It’s nice when nice people become successful!